Minnesota: Marshall County

West of Beltrami County is Marshall County (pop. 9,439), which borders the Red River and North Dakota. The Red River Valley is a fertile area for farming of wheat, soybeans, potatoes, and sugar beets.

Marshall County had 19,000 people in 1920.

Warren (pop. 1,563), the county seat, has one of only six remaining drive-in movie theaters in Minnesota – the Sky-Vu Drive In.

Open Friday-Sunday, but not in winter

The nine-man football team at nearby Stephen-Argyle Central High School (serving the towns of Stephen and Argyle) won five straight state championships from 2003 to 2007.

The school has about 100 students.

Marshall County has towns named Viking (pop. 104) and Oslo (pop. 330), and quite a few Lutheran churches.

The other Oslo

Old Mill State Park has been called “an island of original landscape in a sea of cropland.”

Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge has moose, wolves, and about 294 species of birds on its 61,500 acres of shrubland, wetland, forestland, grassland, and cropland.

Fire tower in winter

A somewhat famous UFO event, the “Val Johnson Incident,” happened (or didn’t happen) in Marshall County in 1977.


3 comments on “Minnesota: Marshall County

  1. John Dodds says:

    I’m amazed by that football team. and Oslo looks cool.

  2. exdodds says:

    What incident? do tell!

  3. Lois says:

    Hi Pat,

    I love the fire tower in winter. I’m going to look up the Val Johnson incident.


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