Minnesota: Mahnomen County

Mahnomen County (pop. 5,413), located west of Clearwater County, is entirely within the White Earth Indian Reservation.

Farms in the west, second-growth forests in the east

The White Earth Reservation was created in 1867; it is the largest reservation (by land area) in the state. Non-natives have bought much of the land within the reservation, and Native Americans now make up a minority of the population.

The county seat of Mahnomen County is the town of Mahnomen (pop. 1,214).

Mahnomen City Hall (1937) is also the library.

The Mahnomen County Historical Society operates the Mahnomen County Museum on Main Street.

Open summer only

The county is an important region for growing wild rice.

Mahnomen means “wild rice” in the Ojibwe language.

The Mahnomen County Fairgrounds Historic District (1937) has five original wood-frame buildings constructed by the Works Progress Administration.

Livestock Pavilion


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