Minnesota: Norman County

West of Mahnomen County in the flat, flood-prone Red River Valley is Norman County (pop. 6,852).

Norman County, March 2009

The county’s main agricultural products are soybeans, wheat, and sugar beets.

The county seat, Ada (pop. 1,707), has a large courthouse that was built in 1904 in the Richardsonian Romanesque style.

Brown brick and sandstone

Ada’s Village Hall was also built in 1904.

Classical Revival style.

The small Orpheum Theatre in downtown Ada shows first-run movies.

The town of Halstad (pop. 597), on the Red River, was the hometown of bandleader Skitch Henderson.

“The Tonight Show’s” original bandleader

The town of Shelly (pop. 266) is the home of the Red River Museum.

In an Art Deco schoolhouse

The Agassiz Recreational Trail, a 53-mile multi-purpose trail on an abandoned railroad grade, goes north-south through Norman County.

Named for paleontologist Louis Agassiz and prehistoric Lake Agassiz


4 comments on “Minnesota: Norman County

  1. lois grunwald says:

    I like that recreation trail. It looks like it runs though beautiful country.

  2. Kathy Kasten says:

    I wonder how far one needs to travel to see a hill!

  3. Mary Schlick says:

    Omigosh, thank you for doing this county,
    My favorite highway on your map so far
    is State 39 where I could drive my car
    through Perley and Borup and Syre and Flom,
    each name intriguing and full of aplomb.

  4. John Dodds says:

    feels like an Iowa county

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