Minnesota: Kanabec County

Kanabec County (pop. 16,239) is just west of Pine County. The county seat is Mora (pop. 3,571).

Kanabec County Courthouse (1894)

The word “Kanabec” comes from the Ojibwe word “Ginebig,” meaning “snake” – as in the Snake River that runs through the county.

There are three Snake rivers in Minnesota.

The town of Mora is known for its 22-foot, fiberglass Dala horse, built in 1971.

A Swedish tradition

Mora’s namesake and sister city of Mora, Sweden, is the endpoint of the annual 90-kilometer Vasaloppet cross-country ski race – one of the world’s biggest ski races.

This is the Minnesota Mora’s own Vasaloppet race.

The major landmark in the town of Ogilvie (pop. 369) is a reinforced concrete watertower, built in 1918.

Reminiscent of Northern European castles

The 3/8-mile Ogilvie Raceway is a clay track that has weekly races in season.

Opened in 2009


6 comments on “Minnesota: Kanabec County

  1. John Dodds says:

    That looks like a classic Iowa courthouse for sure.

  2. joan says:

    Enticing to view the Dahla horse and courthouse. Also, wonder if the snake river might be a good one to fish… Thanks for your review of these counties.

  3. exdodds says:

    I don’t quite understand how Kanabec” comes from the Ojibwe word “Ginebig,” They don’t seem like they sound at all alike?

  4. Mary Schlick says:

    Whew! Glad you had a photo of exdodds so I could see that she’s not really your EX!!! Now about Kanabec County: I could not find Wirt on the map, but I know it was near Mora so maybe it has gone from a tiny store and postoffice to a “wide place in the road.” That was where the (then) ISC civil engineers in your grandfather’s summer camp received their mail.
    Now to exdodds: Kanabec probably was how the untrained ear of the newcomers heard Ginebig. It’s tough to spell those wonderful unwritten soft words of the first people. Fortunately the Yakama have a dictionary now and I can spell Anipash’nmi Latiit (Wild Potatoe’s Blossom).

  5. Carolyn Ocheltree says:

    Reminds me of Kingsburg…

  6. tomikoden says:

    They really should rename those 3 different Snake Rivers.

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