Minnesota: Grant County

Grant County, just east of Traverse County, has a population of 6,018.

There are 14 Grant counties and one Grant parish in the U.S.

Grant County is almost a perfect square, with each side about 23 miles across.

The eastern part of the county has hills and lakes; the western part was originally prairie.

Lake Pomme de Terre (Potato), one of 87 in the county

The county seat of Grant County is Elbow Lake (pop. 1,176), located on the shores of Flekkefjord (formerly Worm) Lake.

Downtown Elbow Lake and Grant County Courthouse (1906)

The 2001 movie “Herman U.S.A” was the story of 85 bachelor farmers from the town of Herman (pop. 1,176) and their search for companionship.

Actually filmed in New Germany, Minnesota

The town of Barrett (pop. 415) is known for the Prairie Wind Players, a community theater group that has been performing since 1979.

They play in Roosevelt Hall (1934).


2 comments on “Minnesota: Grant County

  1. Parry Dodds says:

    I never heard of this Grant

  2. Mary Schlick says:

    I wondered if the “flekke” in Flekkefiord meant snow flakes
    but Wikipedia said: The meaning of the name is unknown. Probably some viking!

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