Minnesota: Big Stone County

West of Stevens County, bordering northeastern South Dakota, is Big Stone County (pop. 5,269).

Big Stone Lake, 26 miles long, is between Big Stone County and South Dakota. The lake is the source of the Minnesota River, which flows 332 miles southeast to the Mississippi River.

Big Stone Lake State Park

The county seat of Big Stone County is Ortonville, pop. 1,916.

At the southern end of Big Stone Lake

The Big Stone County Courthouse was built in 1902.

For $29,999

Ortonville’s Public Library, built in 1915, is apparently the only Carnegie Library in Minnesota that was built in the Mission Revival style.

It’s still the library.

The town of Beardsley (pop. 233) shares with Moorhead the record for the hottest temperature in Minnesota’s history – 114 degrees on July 29, 1917.

Beardsley in 1895


2 comments on “Minnesota: Big Stone County

  1. Mary Schlick says:

    Where is the namesake Big Stone?

  2. John Dodds says:

    Good question Aunt Mary. What I’m wondering is why I see a town called Artichoke and don’t see any mention of a giant artichoke statue. I’m disappointed.

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