Minnesota: Meeker County

Meeker County (pop. 23,300) is just east of Kandiyohi County. It was named for Judge B.B. Meeker.

The county seat is Litchfield (pop. 6,726). U.S. Highway 12, which runs from Aberdeen, Wash., to Detroit, Mich., goes through downtown Litchfield.

Downtown Litchfield

The Grand Army of the Republic Hall (1885) in Litchfield is adjacent to the Meeker Historical Society Museum.

One of four remaining GAR halls in Minnesota

Litchfield has the three-screen, Art Deco Hollywood Theatre (1936), as well as the Starlite 5 Drive-In (summer only).

Famous for its marquee

The town of Cosmos (pop. 473) has a Space Festival every summer.

Cosmos water tower

The town of Darwin (pop. 350) claims to have the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.

Cawker City, Kansas, also makes this claim.

Darwin was named for E. Darwin Litchfield, an Englishman who promoted the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. The county seat was also named for Mr. Litchfield.

Not for the author of “On the Origin of Species”


3 comments on “Minnesota: Meeker County

  1. Mary Schlick says:

    I love the ball of twine –even has its own house! Someone could weave a giant basket with that much string!

  2. John Dodds says:

    You seem like a good candidate for that Aunt Mary!
    I had to look up the Grand Army of the Republic — seems like it was the civil war union veterans organization. Is that common Knowledge? I hope not, otherwise all the people who read these comments will think I’m dumb.

  3. Charlie Warnes says:

    Waverly MN was Senator, and later Vice President Hubert Humphrey’s Minnesota residence for most of his political career.

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