Minnesota: Renville County

Renville County is Minnesota’s largest corn-producing county; its county seat, Olivia, has been designated Corn Capital of the World by the Minnesota State Senate.

Olivia’s 25-foot ear of corn (1973) 

Renville County (pop. 15,730) is on the north side of the Minnesota River, just west of McLeod County. It reached its peak population of 24,625 in 1940.

The county has several historical sites related to the Dakota War of 1862, including the Birch Coulee Battlefield.

There’s a self-guided trail for visitors. 

Olivia (pop. 2,484) has a 1902 classical revival courthouse.

Olivia celebrates Corn Capital Days every August.

The Corn Capital Days parade 


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One comment on “Minnesota: Renville County

  1. John Dodds says:

    It’s amazing that the Minnesota State Senate has the power to grant worldwide titles. I reckon there are at least a handful of counties in Iowa that would contest that claim.

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