Minnesota: Yellow Medicine County

Yellow Medicine County (pop. 10,438), just south of Lac qui Parle County, is located between South Dakota and the Minnesota River.

It’s the only Yellow Medicine County in the U.S. 

The county was named for the yellow root of a plant which the Dakota Indians used for medicinal purposes.

The Upper Sioux Indian Reservation is in the county. 

The county seat of Yellow Medicine County is Granite Falls (pop. 2,897), parts of which are also in Chippewa and Renville counties.

Downtown Granite Falls 

Andrew Volstead was mayor of Granite Falls from 1900 to 1902; later, as a U.S. congressman, he sponsored the National Prohibition Act of 1919 (the Volstead Act).

A tornado hit Granite Falls on July 25, 2000, killing one person, injuring 15, and causing millions of dollars in damage.

The Lundrig Service Station in Canby (pop. 1,795) is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Built in 1926.

The Canby Theatre has been showing first-run movies since 1939.


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2 comments on “Minnesota: Yellow Medicine County

  1. Mary Schlick says:

    This great gas station reminds me that there is a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed gas station in Cloquet (Carleton County) at the intersection of Interstate 35 and MN 33!!!

  2. Lois says:

    It seems like most places have duplicate names. It’s interesting that this county is unique in its name. I like the gas station as well.

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