Minnesota: Sibley County

Sibley County (pop. 15,226) is just north of Nicollet County.

The 20-mile Rush River, a tributary of the Minnesota River, is entirely within Sibley County.

It flows from west to east.

The county seat is Gaylord (pop. 2,305), located between Titlow Lake on the north and Mud Lake on the south.

Sibley County Courthouse (1917)

The town of Winthrop (pop. 1,399) celebrates Grackle Days in April.

Common grackle (quiscalus quiscula)

Green Isle (pop. 559) was named for  Ireland because of its many Irish immigrants.

Stone walls on the Emerald Isle

The town of Henderson (pop. 886) celebrates its German heritage with Sauerkraut Days every June.

Events include the Cabbage Toss and the Kraut Eating Contest.


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