Minnesota: Houston County

Houston County (pop. 19,027) is in the far southeastern corner of Minnesota, bordered by Wisconsin (across the Mississippi River) on the east and Iowa on the south.

Houston County was named for Sam Houston (1793-1863), the first president of the Republic of Texas.

Also its third president

Much of the county is in the Richard J. Dorer Memorial Hardwood State Forest.

The county seat is Caledonia (pop. 2,868).

Houston County Courthouse (1883)

The city of La Crescent (pop. 4,830), along the Mississippi, calls itself the Apple Capital of Minnesota.

La Crescent apple orchard

The town of Houston (pop. 979) has an International Festival of Owls every year.


3 comments on “Minnesota: Houston County

  1. Curt says:

    Congratulations Pat! Great job!

  2. John Dodds says:

    great state! Can’t wait for SC!

  3. Charlie Warnes says:

    Great job, Pat. While I’ve never been to Houston County (opposite corner of the state – and 500 mlles away from – Kittson County), my dad spent a year or more working as a farmhand to pay for his college education back in the Roaring Twenties. He loved to tell stories about what farming was like down dere in “Suddern Minnesota”.

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