South Carolina: Bamberg County

Bamberg County (pop. 15,987) is west of Orangeburg County. It is South Carolina’s third-smallest county in size and fourth-smallest county in population.

It’s the only Bamberg County in the U.S. and is named for Gen. Francis Marion Bamberg (1838-1905), an early community leader.

Not for the German city on the river Regnitz

The county seat is the city of Bamberg (pop. 3,607).

Bamberg County Courthouse (1950)

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley was born in Bamberg in 1972.

She attended Orangeburg Preparatory Schools before going to Clemson.

Bamberg County has communities named Denmark (pop. 3,538) and Sweden.

Denmark Amtrak station

Vorhees College is an historically black college in Denmark, affiliated with the Episcopal Church.

St. Philip’s Episcopal Chapel (1935)

Rivers Bridge State Historic Site, near the town of Ehrhardt, marks a Civil War site where Gen. Sherman engaged the Confederate Army.


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One comment on “South Carolina: Bamberg County

  1. Mary Schlick says:

    I’m glad you chose one of these eastern mountain states so I can see how much more interesting their counties are shaped than anywhere I’ve lived!!! Would have been a challenge for those early land surveyors!! Thanks, kid!!

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