South Carolina: Darlington County

Darlington County (pop. 68,681) is northeast of Lee County. It’s the only Darlington County in the U.S.

Bruce Springsteen’s song “Darlington County” was on his “Born in the U.S.A.” album (1984).

Come on baby, take a seat on my fender

The county seat of Darlington County is the city of Darlington (pop. 6,289), home of the 75,000-seat Darlington Raceway.

NASCAR has the Southern 500 there every spring.

Darlington has hosted the annual South Carolina Sweet Potato Festival since 1983.

Hartsville (pop. 7,764) is the largest city in Darlington County.

Center Theater (1936)

Coker College, a private liberal arts college with about 1,200 students, is in Hartsville.

Memorial Hall, Coker College

The H.B. Robinson Nuclear Generating Station, near Hartsville, was the first commercial nuclear plant in the Southeast when it opened in 1971.

It was once the world’s largest.

Sonoco Products Company, a packaging company operating around the world, is headquartered in Hartsville.

Based on sales, South Carolina’s largest corporation


sc counties working

2 comments on “South Carolina: Darlington County

  1. Mary Schlick says:

    Hi Pat, That red and white car at the theatre is the same era as our yellow and green Pontiac (and first) station wagon that we drove across the US in 1956 from the Colville reservation back to Alexandria, Virginia!!! We called it the “tomato worm” (well I did, Bud did not approve). AM

  2. Lois says:

    Sweet potato festival!

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