South Carolina: Chester County

Chester County (pop. 33,140) is west of Lancaster County. It’s one of three Chester counties in the U.S.; the others are in Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

The county seat is Chester (pop. 5,607), sometimes known as “The Little City on the Big Hill.”

Downtown Chester

The Chester County Courthouse was built in 1852.

On the National Register of Historic Places

The Chester City Hall was built in 1890. It formerly had an opera house on the third floor.

A 1929 fire destroyed the opera house.

The former Powell Theater (1937) is now the Chester Little Theater.

The town of Great Falls (pop. 1,979) hosts an annual Flopeye Fish Festival.

Richburg (pop. 332) was the hometown of Marty Marion (1916-2011), All-Star shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals and later manager of the Chicago White Sox.

The 1944 National League MVP


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One comment on “South Carolina: Chester County

  1. Jim Freschi says:

    Hi Pat.

    That’s the most famous son of Chester County? An All-Star during the war, when the real talent was fighting the Nazis? Also, how could this little city be considered to be on a “big” hill. That’s doesn’t look like much of a hill to me.

    Hope you and Liz are doing well.

    Is there any hope for the Giants? Did Timmy’s no-no and the much-needed break light a spark. Or in the Padres, did they defeat another very sad team?


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