Wyoming: Campbell County

Campbell County (pop. 46,133) is west of Crook County. It has the third-largest population in Wyoming, having grown from 33,698 in the 2000 census.

There are four other Campbell counties.

Campbell County is the largest coal-producing county in the largest coal-producing state.

Black Thunder coal mine

The county seat of Campbell County is Gillette (pop. 29,087), the fourth-largest city in the state.

Downtown Gillette has a “Rock Paper Scissors” statue, installed in 2011.

In front of the newspaper office

The Rockpile Museum in Gillette is adjacent to a large pile of rocks.

It opened in 1974.

The term “Gillette Syndrome” was coined in 1974 in an academic paper about the negative effects of rapid population growth resulting from natural resource extraction (such as coal-mining).

New housing in Williston, North Dakota

The unincorporated community of Spotted Horse (pop. 2), north of Gillette, has a statue of a spotted horse.

It’s outside the Spotted Horse bar.


wyoming map - working

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