Wyoming: Carbon County

Carbon County (pop. 15,885), west of Albany County, is Wyoming’s third-largest county in square miles. The first coal mine in the area opened in 1868.

The Snowy Range and Medicine Bow National Forest are in the southern part of the county.

The Continental Divide runs through the county.

The county seat of Carbon County is Rawlins (pop. 9,259).

The George Ferris Mansion (1903) in Rawlins is now a bed and breakfast.

Queen Anne style

The Wyoming State Penitentiary is in Rawlins.

The original penitentiary (1901) is open for tours.

Downtown Rawlins has several outdoor murals, including one featuring Thomas Edison – who came to Rawlins in 1878 to view a solar eclipse.

Edison the fisherman

The town of Grand Encampment (pop. 450) was once a center of copper mining and smelting. The Grand Encampment Museum is well-known for its two-story outhouse.

Not for public use

Saratoga (pop. 1,690) has a motto of “Where the Trout Leap on Main Street.”

Downtown Saratoga

The town of Medicine Bow (pop. 284) was bypassed by Interstate 80 in the early ’70s, but its Virginian Hotel (1911) is still in operation.

It was once the largest hotel between Denver and Salt Lake City.

Elk Mountain (pop. 191) the town is about seven miles from Elk Mountain the mountain.

Elev. 11,162 feet


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3 comments on “Wyoming: Carbon County

  1. Margie says:

    How about featuring Hanna as well? It was once the place where Coal was mined to keep the Union Pacific trains going. It still is a town with a population of 827 and is close to fishing, & hunting. It’s off of US 30 north of I 80. There is an exit from I 80 to Hanna.

  2. Mary Schlick says:

    The Queen Anne brick house is a larger version of the Budd house next door to Grandma Jo’s! It gave me a little twinge of nostalgia.

  3. Mary Schlick says:

    The Queen Anne house in Rawlins, that is.

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