Wyoming: Sublette County

Sublette County (pop. 10,247) is northeast of Lincoln County. It was named for William L. Sublette, an early fur trader in Wyoming.

The Wind River Range has 19 of Wyoming’s 20 tallest peaks, and many of them are along the Continental Divide in the northeastern part of Sublette County.

Three national forests are in the county.

The Green River has its source in Sublette County; the river then flows south from the Wind River Range on its way to join the Colorado River in southeastern Utah.

The county seat of Sublette County is Pinedale (pop. 2,030), at an elevation of 7,182 feet.

Pinedale and the Wind River Range

Pinedale is the home of the Museum of the Mountain Man. From 1825 to 1840, trappers and traders had an annual spring rendezvous in the area.

The Log Cabin Motel in Pinedale dates from 1929.

On the National Register of Historic Places

The Church of St. Hubert the Hunter (Episcopal) was built in the community of Bondurant (pop. now 93) in 1940 with the $1,400 proceeds from the sale of a donated diamond.

Built of logs

Big Piney (pop. 552, elev. 6,824) is one of several towns claiming to be the “Ice Box of the Nation.” (International Falls, Minnesota, is another.)


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