Wyoming: Park County

Park County (pop. 28,205) is in the northwestern corner of Wyoming. It is one of three Park counties in the U.S.

Wyoming’s fourth-largest county in square miles

Park County was named for Yellowstone National Park; more than half of the park is in the county.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Mammoth Hot Springs is in the northern part of the county, near the Montana border.

Adjacent to Fort Yellowstone

The county seat of Park County is Cody (pop. 9,520), which was named for William “Buffalo Bill” Cody – one of the founders of the town. Cody is about 50 miles east of Yellowstone Park.

Born in 1846 in LeClaire, Iowa

Buffalo Bill’s boyhood home (moved from Iowa to Cody) is part of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

It was moved in 1933.

Cody also has a dam named for Buffalo Bill (on the Shoshone River) and a prominent statue of Buffalo Bill.

Another statue in Cody recognizes the mountain man named John “Liver-Eating” Johnson.

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The artist Jackson Pollock was born in Cody in 1912.

A painting by “Jack the Dripper”

The town of Powell, about 25 miles northeast of Cody, is the home of the two-year Northwest College.

Founded in 1946

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2 comments on “Wyoming: Park County

  1. Mary Schlick says:

    Omigosh, P&K&I (was 4 at the time) hid under a blanket in the back seat of the “old Dodge” to keep from smelling the geysers on our way through Yellowstone to Aunt Alice Dodds Rayner (?) home in Seattle. Ask Parry — he was there. AM

  2. Mary Schlick says:

    Pat, I love this Yellowstone entry — check comments to see mine. I had a wonderful 88th birthday — out to lunch, gifts of cookies, calls included one from childhood best friend Jean McDonald Lamb in Dayton. But my greatest gift was that Parry, my oldest friend, is extant.! AM

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