Michigan: Presque Isle County

Presque Isle County (pop. 13,376) is along Lake Huron, east of Cheboygan County.

That’s not really Lake Michigan.

Presque Isle (“presk-EEL”) means “almost an island” in French. The county got its name from the area between Grand Lake and Lake Huron, which has narrow strips of land connecting it to the mainland at both ends.

The seven-mile-long Grand Lake is popular for fishing.

The county seat of Presque Isle County is Rogers City (pop. 2,827), historically an important port on Lake Huron.

“The Nautical City”

Rogers City has the world’s largest open-pit limestone quarry; it is operated by Michigan Limestone and Chemical Company.

Production began in 1912.

West of Rogers City is Onaway, “The Sturgeon Capital of Michigan.” In the Onaway area are large metal busts of Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and Ford.

George Washington, along Highway 33-68

Onaway built a courthouse building in 1908 in hopes of becoming the county seat. The building now houses city offices and a library.

Also the Onaway Historical Museum

The village of Posen (pop. 234), where the majority of the population is of Polish descent, has an annual Potato Festival.

Polka dancing is popular.

Presque Isle County has several historic lighthouses; the Forty Mile Point Light dates from 1897.

Part of the building is now a museum.

Ocqueoc Falls State Forest has the largest (and possibly only) waterfall in the Lower Peninsula.

Pronounced “ah-key-ock”


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  1. John Dodds says:

    I’m not really sure what the definition of waterfall is, but I’m not sure if that qualifies. Also, that courthouse story is fantastic.

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