Michigan: Oscoda County

Oscoda County (pop. 8,640) is east of Crawford County. It’s the only Oscoda County in the U.S.

The word “Oscoda” was a neologism created by Henry Schoolcraft, apparently from the Ojibwa words “ossin” (stone) and “muskoda” (prairie).

The community of Oscoda is in nearby Iosco County, not Oscoda County.

The county seat of Oscoda County is the unincorporated community of Mio (pop. 1,826). It was named for an early settler named Marla Deyarmond, whose nickname was “Aunt Mioe.”

The wood-frame courthouse is in Classical Revival style.

Mio is in the Au Sable River Valley. The river flows into Lake Huron.

A “blue-ribbon” trout stream

The unincorporated community of Fairview calls itself “The Wild Turkey Capital of Michigan.”

Hunting season is in April and May.

Fairview is also the home of the Au Sable Valley Railroad.

Open on summer weekends


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