Michigan: Tuscola County

Tuscola County (pop. 55,729) is located on the “Thumb” of Michigan, which extends into Lake Huron.

The county seat of Tuscola County is the city of Caro (pop. 4,229).

Tuscola County Courthouse (1933)

Caro got its name as a variation on Cairo, Egypt.

The pyramids of Giza

The Strand Theatre in Caro dates from the 1920s.

Still showing first-run movies

The city of Vassar (pop. 2,697) is the home of the Vassar Theatre, also still in business.

It opened in 1937.

The Pennywick Christmas Tree Farm in Vassar features a giant Santa Claus.

16 feet tall

The village of Millington (pop. 1,072) has a smiley-face water tower.

Agricultural crops in Tuscola County include sugar beets and beans. The village of Fairgrove (pop. 563) hosts the annual Michigan Bean Festival.


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  1. lois grunwald says:

    Nice theaters. I like that they have bean festival.

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