Washington: Asotin County

We begin our virtual trip through the 39 counties of Washington in Asotin County, located in the far southeastern corner of the state. This is the route that we’ll be taking.

wash map copy 2

“Asotin” (pronounced “us-OH-tun”) is derived from a Nez Perce word meaning “eel creek.”

A wheat-growing region

The county is bordered by Oregon on the south and by the Snake River and Idaho on the east.

The county seat of  Asotin County is the city of Asotin (pop. 1,251), fourth-smallest county seat in Washington.

On the Snake River

Six miles north of Asotin is Clarkston (pop. 7,229), the county’s largest city. Clarkston is at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers, across the Snake from Lewiston, Idaho.

Clarkston on right

Clarkston and Lewiston, in the Lewis-Clark Valley, were named for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who explored the area on their 1804-06 Corps of Discovery Expedition.

They never set foot on the Clarkston side.

Clarkston’s ZIP Code of 99403 is the highest ZIP code in the contiguous United States.

The Lewis-Clark Valley is considered the Gateway to Hells Canyon – the canyon on the Snake River between Oregon and Idaho that is North America’s deepest river gorge.

7,993 feet deep

Fields Spring State Park is in the southern part of the county. It has the only two teepees in Washington state parks – available for campers for $30 per night.

Accommodating up to six persons


wash working map



2 comments on “Washington: Asotin County

  1. lois grunwald says:

    Extreme southeastern Washington is beautiful. The wheat growing region looks like parts of northeastern Oregon. Interesting to see what those small towns look like from above the Snake River plain. They must be lonely places in the winter. Hell’s Canyon I’ve heard is beautiful up on the rim.

  2. dot says:

    Agree with Lois; but I sure like the zip code comment…..:)

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