Washington: Garfield County

Garfield County (pop. 2,266) is the least-populous county in Washington. It is one of six Garfield counties in the U.S., all west of the Mississippi and all named for James A. Garfield, the 20th president.

Garfield County is in a wheat-growing area. Its population has declined steadily from a peak of 4,199 in 1910, as farms have gotten larger and farmers have gotten fewer.

Wheat fields south of Pomeroy

The oddly shaped Garfield County is bordered by the Snake River on the north and Oregon on the south.

The county seat of Garfield County is the city of Pomeroy (pop. 1,425) – the county’s only city.

Downtown Pomeroy

The Garfield County Courthouse was built in 1901 in Late Victorian style.

It replaced a wooden courthouse that burned down.

The Seeley Theater in Pomeroy is undergoing restoration.

Built in 1913

A collection of metal animal sculptures can be found along Highway 12, a few miles east of Pomeroy.

Also an alligator, shark, and eagle


wash map copy 2






One comment on “Washington: Garfield County

  1. lois grunwald says:

    Interesting that there’s only one city in the county and that the remainder is wheat. It’s too bad for the folks in that town that they don’t have the option of a theater for films.

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