Washington: Whitman County

Whitman County is in southeastern Washington, along the border with Idaho. The Snake River is the county’s southern border.

The county was named for Marcus Whitman (1802-1847), who started a mission for the Cayuse tribe in the area that became Walla Walla.

Whitman County is in the rich agricultural area known as the Palouse. Barley, wheat, dry peas, and lentils are important crops.

Palouse Hills in Whitman County

The county seat of Whitman County is the city of Colfax (pop. 2,805), located at the confluence of the north and south forks of the Palouse River.

Colfax, with Steptoe Butte on horizon

The Codger Pole is a 65-foot, chainsaw-carved sculpture in Colfax. Created in 1991, it commemorates a high school football game played in 1938.

The world’s tallest football monument

Stuntman and rodeo star Yakima Canutt (1895-1986) was born and raised in the Colfax area.

The largest city in Whitman County is Pullman (pop. 29,799), home of Washington State University. Founded in 1890, WSU is Washington’s land grant university.

About 19,000 students

Pullman is only about nine miles from Moscow, Idaho – home of the University of Idaho.

Pullman was named for George Pullman (1831-1897), founder of the Pullman Palace Car Company, which manufactured and operated the Pullman sleeping cars that were once ubiquitous on American long-distance trains.

A 1920s sleeping car

Pullman hosts the National Lentil Festival every year.

World’s Largest Bowl of Lentil Chili

Palouse Falls State Park is in the southwestern part of Whitman County, near where the Palouse River enters the Snake River.

The waterfall is in both Whitman and Franklin counties.


wash working map


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