Washington: Lincoln County

Lincoln County (pop. 10,570) is southwest of Stevens County. It’s one of 23 Lincoln counties in the U.S.

Lincoln County is one of the most productive wheat-growing counties in the U.S.

Only Whitman County produces more.

The Columbia and Spokane rivers form the northern border of the county.

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, on the Columbia

The county seat of Lincoln County is the city of Davenport (pop. 1,734).

Lincoln County Courthouse

Davenport is the home of the National UFO Reporting Center, founded in 1974.

West of Davenport on Highway 2, near the town of Creston (pop. 236), is a small roadside chapel, built of logs.

Enough seats for 18 travelers

East of Davenport is the town of Reardan (pop. 571), where author Sherman Alexie went to high school.

In the southern part of the county, the town of Odessa (pop. 910) has an annual Deutschesfest, celebrating the German-Russian heritage of many of its residents.

Up to 20,000 visitors annually


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