Florida: Jackson County

Jackson County (pop. 49,746) is the only Florida county that touches both Alabama and Georgia. It’s one of 24 Jackson counties in the U.S.

The Chattahoochee River is the border between Jackson County and Georgia.

The county was named for Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), seventh president of the United States.

Born in the Carolinas

The county seat of Jackson County is the city of Marianna (pop. 6,102).

Marianna is the home of Chipola College, a state college that offers both bachelor’s and associate degrees. Established in 1947, it has about 2,000 students.

Blue Jays catcher Russell Martin played for Chipola.

John Milton (1807-1865), Florida’s fifth governor, lived in the Marianna area. He committed suicide shortly before the end of the Civil War and is buried in Marianna.

“Death would be preferable to reunion”

Florida Caverns State Park, near Marianna, has Florida’s only air-filled (not water-filled) caves that are accessible to tourists.

Established in 1942

The unincorporated community of Two Egg is northeast of Marianna. The derivation of its name is uncertain.


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3 comments on “Florida: Jackson County

  1. loisgrunwald says:

    Two Egg. Intriguing. A story there. A song about the Chattahoochee!…not every river can say that. I like the guy catching hooking his hat at the end.

  2. dot says:

    interesting about John Milton; had no idea. thnx

  3. Pam Fuqua says:

    As the executive director of tourism for Jackson county, it pleases me to add a few informative facts to your wonderful story of Florida’s third oldest county. Two Egg sign in the most sought after sign in the county. Most definitely a selfie hot spot, it gets its name from a merchant bartering with the locals with eggs for supplies. The merchant owner disgusted said, this is nothing but a two egg town, and a salesman in the store laughed hysterically. He later mailed the store owner a package, addressing it crossing out the name, Allison, and wrote Two Egg. The name stuck. Faye Dunaway was born closeby the charming crossroads.
    As for the Florida governor during the civil war John Milton, recent documents claim his death was an accident. If we only knew the truth. Marianna, the county seat, had a battle here fought down the middle of town, one of the only cities in the state that held a civil war battle. The Florida Caverns photo does not show in this but is visited by more than 100,000 annual visitors. Underwater cave diving is spectacular at Jackson Blue Springs, a first magnitude spring enjoyed by thousands as a swimming hole.
    The Chattahoochee river divides the eastern and central time line. Jackson is in central.

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