Indiana: Noble County

Noble County (pop. 47,536) is west of DeKalb County. The only other Noble counties are in Ohio and Oklahoma.

The county was named for James Noble (1785-1831), first senator from the state of Indiana.

Served 1831-37

The county seat of Noble County is the town of Albion (pop. 2,349). The courthouse was built in 1887.

Richardsonian Romanesque style

Earl Butz (1909-2008), Secretary of Agriculture under Presidents Nixon and Ford, was born in Albion and grew up on a Noble County dairy farm. He was one of seven students in his high school graduating class.

Also Dean of Agriculture at Purdue

The largest city in Noble County is Kendallsville (pop. 9,862), home of the Mid-America Windmill Museum,

52 windmills on display

The Strand Theatre in Kendallsville opened in 1890 as the Spencer Opera House. It’s still showing first-run movies.

Twinned in 1980

Every October, the city of Ligonier (pop. 4,405) is the site of Pumpkin Fantasyland, with a variety of pumpkin displays and activities.

Pumpkins as presidents

Ford C. Frick (1894-1978), Commissioner of Major League Baseball from 1951 to 1965, grew up in Noble County and went to high school in the town of Rome City (pop. 1,361).

1961 baseball card

Chain O’Lakes State Park, popular with boaters, has nine connecting lakes and 13 lakes total. Illinois also has a Chain O’Lakes State Park.

The lakes are 20-65 feet deep.


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2 comments on “Indiana: Noble County

  1. Just correcting a couple of facts. Noble County was named for James Noble, the first U.S. Senator from Indiana, according to a historical marker on the courthouse lawn in Albion. Chain O’Lakes State Park has 13 lakes, nine of which are connected by waterways.

  2. dot says:

    I like the pumpkin presidents!

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