Indiana: Carroll County

Carroll County (pop. 20,155) is west of Howard County.

Carroll County in 1895

It’s one of 13 Carroll counties, and one of the 12 named for Charles Carroll (1737-1832) of Maryland, who was the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.

He died at age 95.

The county seat of Carroll County is the city of Delphi (pop. 2,893).

Carroll County Courthouse (1917)

The Niewerth Building in Delphi is on the National Register of Historic Place.

Built in 1874

The Delphi Opera House (1865) was recently renovated. It now hosts a variety of concerts, plays, and other events.

On the second floor of a downtown building

The Wabash and Erie Canal, which connected the Great Lakes with the Ohio River, ran through Delhi. Today, Delhi has a Wabash and Erie Canal Park.

The Adams Mill Covered Bridge dates from 1872.


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2 comments on “Indiana: Carroll County

  1. Rick Dodds says:

    Is Carroll county Iowa named after the same Carroll?

  2. jpatdodds says:

    Yes, it was. I wonder if our great-grandparents knew that.

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