Indiana: Boone County

Boone County (pop. 56,640) is east of Montgomery County. Its population has been growing steadily since 1940.

Boone County in 1908

It’s one of eight Boone counties, and one of the six named for frontiersman Daniel Boone (1734-1820).

The county seat of Boone County is the city of Lebanon (pop. 15,792).

Downtown Lebanon

Lebanon got its name because a stand of hickory trees in the area reminded an early settler of the Biblical cedars of Lebanon.

The Boone County Courthouse, built in 1911 in Classical Revival style, is known for its glass dome.

The Strange Nathaniel Cragun House is an historic house and museum in Lebanon, operated by the Boone County Historical Society.

“Strange” was his first name.

Rick Mount of Lebanon was one of the greatest basketball players in Indiana high school history, and a star at Purdue from 1967 to 1970. He was the first high school athlete to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The town of Zionsville (pop. 14,127), in the southeastern corner of the county near Indianapolis, is known for the brick streets in its downtown area.

Zionsville is the home of the Antique Fan Museum, operated by the Antique Fan Collectors Association.

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3 comments on “Indiana: Boone County

  1. ldodds says:

    Rick Mount has the best haircut ever. It would actually be kind of popular today with some crowds.

  2. dot says:

    yeah!!~ a town still with brick streets! (must be bad when it snows, though….)

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