Indiana: Tipton County

Tipton County (pop. 15,931) is east of Clinton County. The only other Tipton County is in Tennessee.

The county seat of Tipton County is the city of Tipton (pop. 5,106).

Sherrill’s is now closed.

Tipton was the first town in Indiana to have brick paved streets, in 1890. Its J.J. McIntosh Broom Factory was the largest broom factory in the state.

The Tipton County Courthouse (1894) is on the National Register of Historic Places. Its clock tower is 206 feet tall.

Romanesque style

The Diana Theatre in Tipton dates from 1926. It was rebuilt in 1948, after a fire.

Still showing movies

Charles Benjamin “Babe” Adams (1882-1968), a Tipton native, was a longtime pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He had a career win-lost record of 194-140.


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