Indiana: Morgan County

Morgan County (pop. 68,894) is east of Owen County. Located conveniently between Indianapolis and Bloomington, it’s been growing steadily since the 1930s.

It is one of 11 Morgan counties, and one of the nine named for Daniel Morgan (1736-1802) of Virginia, an American general in the Revolutionary War.

The county seat of Morgan County is the city of Martinsville (pop. 11,858).

Morgan County Courthouse (1859)

Martinsville has been known as “The Goldfish Capital of the World” because of its fisheries businesses, dating from 1899 and continuing today.

From the late 1800s to the 1960s, Martinsville was also known for its artesian mineral water health spas, or “sanitariums.” The athletic teams at Martinsville High School are still known as the Artesians.

The gym at Martinsville High School, built in 1924, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

John Wooden (1910-2010) grew up in the area, and played basketball at Martinsville High School.

State champions in 1927

Singer Bobby Helms (1933-1997) spent much of his life in the Martinsville area. His biggest hits were “Jingle Bell Rock” and “My Special Angel,” both in 1957.

North of Martinsville, the town of Mooresville was the hometown of artist Paul Hadley, who designed the current Indiana state flag.

Adopted in 1917


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5 comments on “Indiana: Morgan County

  1. dot says:

    l LIKE the goldfish hatchery! (there HAD to be one somewhere.) And Daniel Morgan, was he the Morgan on the dollar coin? ok, okay! i’ll look it up.

  2. dot says:

    nope, and the answer is: George T Morgan; part of the treasury at that time. Mais merde alors; I thought I had a bit of info for you!

  3. Thanks for virtually visiting Morgan County, Indiana! It looks like you’ve covered our county’s history fairly well. Please let us know if you have any additional questions about the area!

  4. Mary says:

    Please correct spelling in the statement about Martinsburg (Martinsville) which is south of Mooresville. Much of this county is in farm acreage which grows corn and soy beans. The Community Foundation is active in the county awarding grants and scholarships to groups and individuals who submit requests.

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