Indiana: Greene County

Greene County (pop. 33,165) is west of Monroe County. It’s Indiana’s fourth-largest county in square miles.

It is one of 14 Green counties, all of them named for Nathanael Greene (1742-1786), a major general in the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.

The county seat of Greene County is the town of Bloomfield (pop. 2,405). The courthouse was built in 1885, and lost its tower in the 1950s.

Now “headless”

Bloomfield is the home of the Shawnee Summer Theatre, a professional company running continuously since 1960.

Now closed for the season

Bloomfield is also the home of “The World’s Largest Tire Jack.” HI-Lift Jack Company is headquartered in Bloomfield.

20 feet tall

The largest city in Greene County is Linton (pop. 5,413).

Linton Public Library (1908)

The comedian, and singer Phil Harris (1904-1995) was born in Linton. He was the voice of Balloo the Bear in “The Jungle Book” (1967) and Little John in Robin Hood (1973).

The Friends of Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area have an annual event in March called the Marsh Madness Sandhill Crane Festival.

Marsh Madness T-shirt

A park in the town of Worthington (pop. 1,467) has a monument containing a limb of what was once the largest sycamore tree in the U.S., with a circumference of 42 feet, 3 inches.

The tree died in a storm in 1925.

Greene County has the longest railroad trestle in Indiana – the 2,295-foot Tulip Viaduct, near  Solsberry.

Greene County has a town called Switz City (pop. 293), the only Switz City in the world. It was named for a local family named Switz.


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    hey bob, do you know which play is pictured in the Shawnee Summer theater? not important, but i’m racking up the memory bits in my head. thnx, dot.

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