Indiana: Scott County

Scott County (pop. 24,181) is east of Washington and Jackson counties. It is Indiana’s fifth-smallest county in square miles.

Scott County in 1908

There are 11 Scott counties in the U.S., and they’re named for six different men named Scott. This one was named for Charles Scott (1739-1813), military officer in the Revolutionary War and later governor of Kentucky.

He rose to Brigadier General.

The county seat of Scott County is Scottsburg (pop. 6,747). Scottsburg was not named for Charles Scott; it was named for Horace Scott, a local railroad official.

Scott County Courthouse (1874)

The former Scott County Home, built in 1892 as the county “poor farm,” is now the Scott County Heritage Center and Museum.

The museum opened in 2001.

The Scott Theatre (1947) now hosts the Ross Country Jamboree, with country music performances most weekends.

The Scottsburg Depot (1872) is now the Scottsburg Heritage Station.

Moved one block

Goat Milk Stuff, in Scottsburg, sells a variety of products (including cheese, candy, and soap) made from raw goat milk.

Goat milk caramels

The 741-acre Hardy Lake is the smallest reservoir maintained by the state of Indiana.

On Quick’s Creek



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