Pennsylvania: Cameron County

Cameron County (pop. 5,085) is west of Clinton County. It is Pennsylvania’s least-populous county.

The only other Cameron County is in Texas; Louisiana has a Cameron Parish. This one was named for Pennsylvania Senator Simon Cameron (1799-1889).

U.S. Secretary of War under Lincoln

The county seat of Cameron County is the borough of Emporium (pop. 2,073).

Cameron County Courthouse (1890)

The Cameron County Historical Society has a Little Museum, south of Emporium.

The unincorporated village of Mix Run was the birthplace and childhood home of the silent film star Tom Mix (1880-1940).

The West Creek rail trail opened in June 2017. It runs 18 miles from Emporium to St. Marys.

Cameron County has three state parks – Sizerville, Sinnemahoning, and Bucktail Natural Area.


2 comments on “Pennsylvania: Cameron County

  1. dot says:

    Tom Mix. What may be but probably were NOT good movies. Thnx!

  2. John says:

    I know about Tom Mix from the lone pine film history museum! Cool new bike path!

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