Pennsylvania: Northumberland County

Northumberland County (pop. 94,528) is east of Snyder County, in a region where coal mining was historically important. The only other Northumberland counties are in Virginia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Australia.

The county seat of Northumberland County is the city of Sunbury (pop. 9,905).

Northumberland County Courthouse (1865)

Lorenzo Da Ponte (1749-1838), lyricist for Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro,” “Don Giovanni” and “Cosi fan tutte,” lived in Sunbury in the 1810s and ran a grocery store there.

The city of Shamokin (pop. 7,374) has been the home, since 1907, of the National Ticket Company, once the largest maker of tickets in the U.S.

Shamokin had 21,000 people in 1920.

The community of Milton (pop. 7,042) has a Conagra Brands plant, and a statue of Chef Boyardee.

The community of Northumberland (pop. 3,804) was the home of British theologian and scientist Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) for 10 years. His home is now a museum.

The 19th-century Sodom Schoolhouse is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Northumberland County is known for its old covered bridges.

Keefer Station Bridge (1888)


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