Pennsylvania: Columbia County

Columbia County (pop. 67,295) is east of Montour County. It’s one of eight Columbia counties in the U.S.

The county seat of Columbia County is the town of Bloomsburg (pop. 14,855).

Columbia County Courthouse (1890)

The annual Bloomsburg Fair, dating from 1855, is the largest fair in Pennsylvania – which does not have a state fair.

Bloomsburg is the home of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, a public university that was once a teachers’ college. It now has about 10,000 students.

Country singer Lacy J. Dalton was born in Bloomsburg in 1946.

Bill’s Old Bike Barn in Bloomsburg has more than 100 vintage motorcycles and a variety of other antiques.

The Relax Inn in Bloomsburg has a giant candle in front.

In the nearby community of Berwick (pop. 10,477), the Jackson Mansion (1877) is the home of the Berwick Historical Society.

Tours are available.

Wise Foods in Berwick produces a variety of snack foods that are well-known in the eastern U.S., including the Official Potato Chip and Cheese Doodle of the New York Mets.

Actor Nick Adams (1931-1968), best known for the ABC TV show “The Rebel” (1959-61), is buried at Saints Cyril and Methodius Ukrainian Cemetery in Berwick.

Columbia County has about 30 19th-century covered bridges.

Davis Covered Bridge (1875)



3 comments on “Pennsylvania: Columbia County

  1. Margie Dreiling says:

    Why have you skipped Luzerne County? That’s the one I’ve been waiting for. Some of my ancestors lived there back in the 1800’s.

    • jpatdodds says:

      I’m sure glad you pointed that out! It was supposed to be between Lackawanna and Wyoming! I will get to work, and will try to post it later today. Thank you!

      • Margie Dreiling says:

        Thank You, I’ve been following all of your postings of all of the states & do so enjoy them. I love to learn, just for the fun of it.

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