Pennsylvania: Mifflin County

Mifflin County (pop. 46,682) is northwest of Juniata County. It’s the only Mifflin County in the U.S.

The county was named for Thomas Mifflin (1744-1800), the first governor of Pennsylvania.

Born in Philadelphia

The communities of Mifflintown and Mifflin are not in Mifflin County – they’re in the adjacent Juniata County.

Dunder Mifflin, Inc. is fictional

The county seat of Mifflin County is the borough of Lewiston (pop. 8,338), which reached its peak population of 13,894 in 1950.

Mifflin County Courthouse (1843)

The Embassy Theatre (1927) in Lewistown is under renovation.

The McCoy House (1843) in Lewiston, built in the Federal style, is now a local history museum

The Pennsylvania State Fire Academy is in Lewiston.

The 64-foot Soldiers and Sailors Monument (1906) in Lewistown contains a stone from Abraham Lincoln’s tomb in Springfield, Illinois.

Actor Joseph Campanella (1924-2018) worked as a radio sportscaster in Lewistown.

On “The Nurses” (1965)

The community of Reedsville (pop. 641) has a 13-foot cow.

The community of Juniata Terrace (pop. 502) is a former company town, built in 1920-24 for employees of the British Crown Rayon Company. About 250 nearly identical brick townhouses were built on three streets.

Still standing


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