Pennsylvania: Cumberland County

Cumberland County (pop. 235,406) is east of Franklin County and just west of Harrisburg. It’s one of nine Cumberland counties in the U.S.

The county seat of Cumberland County is Carlisle (pop. 18,682).

Old Courthouse (1846)

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School (1879-1918) was the flagship Indian boarding school in the U.S.

Over the years, more than 10,000 children attended.

In 1911-12 the Carlisle football team, starring Jim Thorpe and coached by Glenn “Pop” Warner, defeated Harvard and other football powerhouses of the day.

When the Indian School closed, the land and facilities became part of the U.S. Army War College. Today, the college has about 800 students at a time.

Carlisle is also the home of Dickinson College, founded in 1773, a private liberal arts school with about 2,000 students.

The community of Shippensburg (pop. 5,492) is the home of Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, a public school with about 8,000 students.

Shippensburg has “The World’s Largest Paint Can.”

Bret Michaels, lead singer of the band Poison, grew up in the Cumberland County community of Mechanicsburg.


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  1. i didn’t know the Indian schools operated at such a scale; history classes should probably cover that more.

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