A few summers ago, my son and I visited all 99 counties of my native state of Iowa in about 32 days. It was the best trip ever.

As much as I’d love to do the same in each of the 50 states, I figure I’ll never have the time and money for that. So, it’s as a computer-chair traveler that I will try to visit every county in as many states as I can. I started in 2012 with Minnesota (87 counties), then went to South Carolina (46 counties),  Wyoming (23 counties), Maine (16 counties), Michigan (83 counties), Washington (39 counties),  Florida (67 counties), and Indiana (92 counties). I’m now visiting Pennsylvania (67 counties). Please come along for the ride.

– John Patrick Dodds, Seattle, WA (jpatdodds@gmail.com)

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  1. tangacado says:

    My relatives from various states often would complain how boring the scenery of Iowa and Minnesota was…..that it was all fields……somehow I suppose the perception of beauty is distorted or lost the more you are immersed in it, until one day it just becomes no longer magical but even a nuisance….or something to complain about at least. I feel lucky to be able to see the beauty in the simplicity of Minnesota and Iowa, and appreciate my surroundings. Thank you for your blog…..this should be interesting. To me, some of the richest events of history lie in the landscapes of Minnesota. I live just a few blocks from where the hanging of the Sioux took place………the largest mass execution in US History. Not that this is something to be proud of, but many people don’t appreciate the Midwest for the significant role it’s played. I live in Mankato now but also lived near LaCrescent, which has some of the most beautiful backroads scenery that I have seen in Minnesota. Thanks again for your project! I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Gina Sorani Kuntz says:

    Wow, Pat! This will be an amazing trip!! I love all the architecture of the old buildings. And I’m a big Laura Ingalls Wilder fan, so that was fun to see those sites. I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with you, I’m already so far behind, but I’ll try.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! Found your blog looking up info about Mars Bluff. Brilliant idea! When you visit Oconee County, SC be sure to stop off at Stumphouse Tunnel 🙂

  4. Margie says:

    Since the first one that came out I’ve been computer chair traveling along with you. I watch for things and places that I know my ancestors and relatives have lived to help me see what their lives may have been like.

  5. John Brewr says:

    Thanks, Pat!

    ‘Virtual visiting’ — California resident adds Clallam, Jefferson counties to his EveryCounty website — http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20150505/NEWS/150509985

  6. Kathleen Williams says:

    Where can I purchase a replica of the electric city sign in Scranton pa. Lackawanna county.

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