Wyoming: Hot Springs County

Hot Springs County (pop. 4,812), west of Washakie County, is Wyoming’s smallest county in square miles and second-smallest in population.

It is the only Hot Springs County in the United States. Arkansas has a Hot Spring County.

The county seat of Hot Springs County is Thermopolis (pop. 3,009).

On the edge of the Owl Creek Mountains

Thermopolis (from the Greek, “hot city”) got its name from its hot springs. Hot Springs State Park, featuring “The World’s Largest Mineral Hot Spring,”  was Wyoming’s first state park.

The state provides a free bathhouse for visitors.

The park also has hotels, private water parks, and a herd of buffalo.

A public road loops through the pasture.

Thermopolis is also the home of the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

It has more than 30 mounted skeletons.

The Wind River Canyon is just south of Thermopolis; the upper reaches of the Bighorn River are called the Wind River.

Same river, two names


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